IWBDA 2016: 8th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

8th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation

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Keynote Speakers: Dr. Amoolya Singh and Prof. Natalio Krasnogor


The Eighth International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA) will bring together researchers from the synthetic biology, systems biology, and design automation communities to discuss concepts, methodologies and software tools for the computational analysis and synthesis of biological systems.

The field of synthetic biology, still in its early stages, has largely been driven by experimental expertise, and much of its success can be attributed to the skill of the researchers in specific domains of biology. There has been a concerted effort to assemble repositories of standardized components; however, creating and integrating synthetic components remains an ad hoc process. Inspired by these challenges, the field has seen a proliferation of efforts to create computer-aided design tools addressing synthetic biology's specific design needs, many drawing on prior expertise from the electronic design automation (EDA) community.

The IWBDA offers a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion, with the aim of seeding and fostering collaboration between the biological and the design automation research communities.

IWBDA is organized by the non-profit Bio-Design Automation Consortium (BDAC). BDAC is an officially recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Topics of interest include:




Twist Bioscience

ACS Synthetic Biology

Raytheon BBN Technologies
Lattice Automation

Information about sponsorship is available here.

Call for Papers

Abstracts should be two pages long and referenced, following the ACM SIG Proceedings templates at www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates. Inclusion of figures is encouraged. Indicate whether you would like your abstract considered for a poster presentation, an oral presentation, or both. Include the full names, affiliations and contact information of all authors. Abstracts should be submitted in pdf format and should not exceed two pages.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Those that are selected for oral and poster presentations will distributed to workshop participants and posted on the workshop website.

Call For Abstracts full pdf

Submit your abstracts here www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iwbda-2016


IWBDA Scholarships are available for students, postdocs, and young researchers. Applications were due April 30, 2016. We currently have more applications than available funding. Please see this PDF for details.

Allan Kuchinsky IWBDA Scholarship

This year IWBDA will be soliciting applications for the 2nd annual Allan Kuchinsky Internation Workshop on Bio-Design Automation Scholarship. Allan was a tremendous supporter of both synthetic biology as well as design automation. His contributions to projects such as Cytoscape and Eugene as well as numerous Agilent efforts was crucial in helping academic and industrial researchers develop state-of-the-art technologies and tools to lay the foundation for this field. This scholarship in some small measure attempts to recognize his tireless efforts by highlighting a student who shares Allan's vision for the field. This scholarship will provide support for one recipient to attend IWBDA (registration, airfare, hotel, and small travel stipend) along with a recognized poster presentation slot. Interested individuals should provide the following: IWBDA abstract, resume/CV, essay, and recommendation letter. For details, including how to apply, please see this PDF.

The Allan Kuchinsky scholarship is generously sponsored by Agilent. Agilent

BDAthlon Competition

BDAthlon 2016 Problems

FAQ for the BDAthlon.

BDAthlon is a programming contest, in which teams are given a set of programming challenges and then work to solve these challenges as teams. BDAthlon questions will be from the following five areas:

Teams are composed of 2-3 people. Preference is given to graduate students but postdoctoral and undergraduate student members can be permitted. Selected teams will receive a travel stipend, up to $1000 PER TEAM. Registration to IWBDA is also included. The winning team will be awarded a certificate(s) along with a cash prize of $500.


We're happy to announce that the following teams will be competing in the BDAthlon:


Dormitory Option

We have reserved a block of dormitory housing as a low-cost option. Rooms are available from August 14-19. Rooms must be reserved by July 11, 2016. Here are some details about the dormitory option:

Hotel Option
Reservations can be made using the following link: For Special Hotel Rates - Book Now!

ACS Synthetic Biology IWBDA 2016 Special Issue

We would like to invite all attendees to submit original work to the ACS Synthetic Biology “IWBDA 2016” Special Issue. ACS Synthetic Biology has the highest editorial standards, offers rapid publication of your research findings and imposes NO author submission, page, color, or cover art charges. We are looking for high quality submissions, for peer-review, as either short Letters or full-length Articles. The submission deadline is September 30, 2016.

If you wish to submit your research to the ACS Synthetic Biology “IWBDA 2016” Special Issue, please see the ACS Synthetic Biology Invitation for instructions on preparing your manuscript.

Key Dates


The following Google map contains the locations of: - Centre for Life, Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology, Marris House, Barras Building - University security. Google map. Also useful is a map of the Newcastle University Campus.

If you are staying in Marris House, here is the University Security contact to collect the keys for the accommodation.

The SBOL Workshop and BDAthlon will be both at the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology, Newcastle University. IWBDA will be held at the Centre for Life. The addresses are below.

Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology, Newcastle University
The Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology
Baddiley-Clark Building
Medical School
Newcastle University
Richardson Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Centre for Life
Centre for Life Conferences
Life Conference and Banqueting
International Centre for Life
Times Square
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom


Scholarship applicants should wait until after they find out about their scholarship to register

Please note that registration includes the annual dinner and other activities on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Please contact us with any registration questions.

Keynote Speakers

Amoolya Singh
Amoolya Singh

Dr. Amoolya Singh is a computational biologist and Senior Scientist at Amyris. She leads Amyris R&D's Scientific Computing group, whose work includes innovations in genotype representation and data visualization, building mathematical and statistical models to analyze high-throughput, multivariate genotype and phenotype data; metabolic modeling and design-of-experiments to perturb microbial biochemical pathways and identify bottlenecks therein; and statistical process control to accelerate Amyris' design-build-test-learn cycle.

Amoolya obtained a bachelor's degree with honors at Carnegie Mellon double majoring in Biology and Computer Science; and a Ph.D. in computational biology from UC Berkeley jointly advised by Adam Arkin (Bioengineering) and Richard Karp (Math/CS). Between degrees, she worked as a software engineer at an Internet startup, a multinational wireless telecommunications firm, and a Wall Street investment bank. Prior to joining Amyris, Amoolya completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the European Molecular Biology Lab in Heidelberg, Germany (with Peer Bork) and a Computational & Life Sciences fellowship at Emory University (with Bruce Levin) in the fields of comparative genomics and metagenomics, population genetics, and experimental evolution.

Natalio Krasnogor
Natalio Krasnogor

Prof. Natalio Krasnogor is Professor of Computing Science and Synthetic Biology, co-directs Newcastle's Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group and is director of the Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy (CSBB). Prof. Krasnogor holds a prestigious EPSRC Leadership Fellowship in Synthetic Biology, is the overall lead in the EPSRC Synthetic Biology ROADBLOCK project involving Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Warwick and Bradford Universities that seeks to develop in silico and in vivo techniques for engineering biofilms. He leads the "Synthetic Portabolomics: Leading The Way at the Crossroads of the Digital and Bio Economies" EPSRC project.

With expertise in Synthetic Biology, Complex Systems and Machine Intelligence, Prof. Krasnogor gave several keynote talks (e.g., IEEE CEC, PPSN, GECCO); has >170 publications (H-index 37), with many of his papers in the top 0.1% and 1% for number of citations in computing science and has published also in top tier journals such as Nature Biotech, Nature Chemistry, and PNAs. He won several best papers prizes as well as Bronze, Silver and Gold awards of the American Computing Society's (ACM) HUMIES award for human-competitive results that were produced by any form of genetic and evolutionary computation and an ACM's Impact award. From 2012 to 2014 he was the Science Director of the European Centre for Living Technologies (Italy), was distinguished visiting professor at Ben Gurion University (Israel) in 2009 and Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) in 2010, 2012, and 2013.

Annual IWBDA Dinner

Durham Castle

Please join us for our Annual IWBDA Dinner taking place at Durham Castle on Wednesday, August 17th! Transportation will be provided to and from the event from the main IWBDA venue, the Centre for Life. Attendees will be asked to register for the dinner when they purchase their ticket for IWBDA. Prior to dinner, we will enjoy a guided tour of the 900-year old Durham Castle and gain entry to Durham Cathedral, both of which are part of the Durham World Heritage Site. After the tour of the castle is finished, attendees will have the option of exploring Durham Cathedral prior to enjoying dinner together.

Coaches will leave the Centre for Life at 3:40 PM and leave the dinner to return at 10:30 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact the IWBDA Executive Committee (email: iwbda-exec AT lists.bio-design-automation.org).

Organizing Committee

Contact us at: iwbda-exec AT lists.bio-design-automation.org

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