IWBDA 2024

Conference Date

16-19 November, 2024

Conference Location

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Call for Papers

Join us for the 16th annual IWBDA meeting, in Boston, November 16-19, 2024. This year, IWBDA will take place during Bio Innovation Week and will include presentation and poster talks selected from submitted abstracts, Birds of a Feather discussions, and breakout sessions on selected topics. We aim to bring together academic researchers and industry partners to push the field of bio-design automation for synthetic biology forward.

The field of biology is still lagging behind the industry when it comes to implementation and adoption of computational and digital solutions. This is primarily because it is extremely difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all solution to engineer biology. Some BDA solutions serve as templates for a larger problem, but, to make it usable in a practical setting, the solutions often have to be redesigned for bespoke biological workflows. Without understanding the requirements of the broader synthetic biology community, it is hard to design a solution that can have a wider impact.

Increasing the efficiency of biological processes and workflows with biodesign automation is a continuous journey that requires fresh exchange of ideas. It is crucial for the BDA community to have a forum where they can collaborate, gather new perspectives, and understand the requirements of the broader synthetic biology community. IWBDA provides this forum for cross-disciplinary discussion, with the aim of seeding and fostering collaboration between the researchers from the synthetic biology, systems biology, and design automation communities.

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Interested in participating, organizing, or sponsoring IWBDA or Bio Innovation Week? Reach out to us for more information on how you can get involved in IWBDA, IWBMA, the Nona Works Hackathon, or SBOL Workshops. We look forward to hearing from you!